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Field Use Guidelines

Parents, our town lacrosse field is a great resource for all of our kids to use for years to come. To keep it in great shape we all need to take responsibility for abiding by a few simple rules that will help keep this field in great shape for a long time. Please review these rules that all users of the field are being asked to follow.

  • There is NO parking on the grass for ANY reason

  • No Dogs are allowed in the area of the field and must be on a leash during games. Please pick up after your dog, they are your responsibility.

  • Parents and visitors are NOT allowed on the field: they must observe from the sidelines

  • Parents must be on the opposite side of the side as the players – which is the side were the playground is.

  • Players are not allowed to have food on field during practices or games.

  • All teams are responsible for picking up after themselves at the end of each game.

  • Spectators, please pick up after yourselves. We have many trash cans for your convenience.

  • Please keep an eye on your other children. GYL is not responsible for any injuries that happen while they are at the fields.

  • Please do NOT drop off your player for practice with their non-registered siblings and then leave. This is not acceptable.

  • Please remind your children that there are smaller ears listening, so they need to watch their language.


Thank you for respecting our fields.