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The League Athletics Members Guide will answer MOST of your questions.



Visit the How to Register-Start Here page for details.



Our FAQ page lays out the predetermined payment plan for each of our programs. You will need to access your personal account to make a payment.

  1. Navigate to the homepage of our website at (bookmarking the site will make this easier)

  2. Click on "Edit my Account" tab at left or in the top right corner click "Log In".

  3. On the Family Account page, members can make a payment by clicking on the green Pay Now button.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to make the payment.

How to Receive Text Messages and Emails

All broadcast email messages, including schedule change notices sent from the site will also be sent to your cell phone as text messages. So now if an event is canceled while you're on the road, you'll know about it right away.

A few notes about text messages:


  1. Just as with email, only one copy of a message is ever sent to a cell phone number. 

  2. You should be aware that "text message" means exactly that. Any and all HTML formatting is stripped prior to sending text messages, so be aware that things may not look the same on one's cell phone as they do in your email inbox. Formatting like bolding, underlining, italics, centering and underlying links will not be preserved and embedded pictures will be removed entirely. Tables will not line up in neat columns but their lines will be preserved.

  3. Text messages are limited to approximately 140-170 characters, including the From address, Title and Body of the message. Anything beyond that will be cut off. Email recipients will get the whole thing but only the the first part will be visible on people's cell phones.

  1. Go to

  2. Under the Home Tab, go to Edit My Account

  3. Log in with your username and password

  4. Your Families Page will come up

  5. Click on your name: (these items will need to be checked)

  • Home Phone: entered your home phone (if you want it available to the rest of the team, choose Roster)

  • Work Phone: this is where you would enter another phone number that you would want us to have on file (choose private)

  • Cell Phone: enter your cell number (if you want it available to the rest of the team, choose Roster) and then you MUST choose your CORRECT carrier. This is how you will receive TEXT messages. If you do not receive text messages, this area is where something is wrong.

  • Email Address: It's possible to enter multiple addresses in the field. Just separate each address with a comma, for example,, (if you want them available to the rest of the team, choose Roster)               


  • APP Notification Devices: Once you have downloaded the APP. you will see it here

  • Password and Repeat Password boxes will be filled in as well

  • Rights: Full Rights

  • Type: Guardian

 6.  Click on your child’s name: (these items will need to be checked)

  • If you wanted other phone numbers made available to the league, you would enter them in either the home phone or work phone area (if you want it available to the rest of the team, choose Roster)

  • Cell Phone: you MUST either enter a valid cell phone number along with the carrier,(just like when you set up   your own account) or leave this entire field BLANK. You can use  your cell number again, you just MUST enter the carrier or it will not work correctly for either of you!

  • Email Address: you can enter multiple email addresses as long as they are separated by a comma.     (Players email addresses and cell phone numbers should NOT be used)



All GYL teams are accessible on the NEW Sports Sign Up Play (SSU Play) Mobile App. that you can download for free from your favorite store. This app is directly integrated with our website so it is seamless and up to date with information and emails. You are going to want this to make your busy life a lot easier.

~Steps to Download and Login to the App~

  1. Search for either LeagueAthletics or Sports Sign Up Play in your phones app store

  2. Download the free app to your phone

  3. Use your Guardians Youth Lacrosse credentials to login

          a link is also on our Homepage