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Welcome to the Guardians Youth Lacrosse Fiddle-Stix Developmental Program Page!

Introduction to the fastest game on two feet!


  Fiddle-Stix is a non-competitive, no-contact, developmental, co-ed lacrosse program that gives  players in Preschool and Kindergarten a safe way to learn basic lacrosse skills. The program focuses on getting players familiar with having a lacrosse stick in their hands by teaching passing, catching, scooping, shooting and cradling while carrying the ball. The emphasis is on fun, positivity, following simple rules of play, and good sportsmanship. 


The main season is Spring and a possible fall option may be available if there is interest.


GYL will field a Developmental Team determined by school grade & additional eligibility

U7 - Preschool & Kindergarten (co-ed)

(boys and girls who are currently attending Preschool and Kindergarten for the current school year.

They must be between the ages of 4 and 6 as of of August 31, 2017.) 

Spring practices start mid April and run for 8 weeks on Saturday mornings at Hillside Field


There is limited equipment needed for the Fiddle-Stix Program, which can be found on our Required Equipment Page.


Our developmental team requires a $40 MBYLL Membership in order to participate in this program. Please see our FAQ page in the sidebar to mearn more about this.



Something to remember as you grow with the program...

**Our program strives for safety, skills, and team play- coaches teach in practice and implement in games, so practice is important! While we would love to have each player devoted to lacrosse we recognize that children and their families can have other interests and passions and we respect those. For players engaged in multiple spring sports, GYL believes strongly in a "games before practices" philosophy: your lacrosse game is more important than a conflicting practice in another sport, and vice versa. We can accommodate children who play other spots, and they should be encouraged to do so at these ages.   Playing multiple sports helps to prevent injury, overtraining and burnout.  It can also help build skills and coordination that will help in lacrosse.  All of our coaches focus on even playing time for all players. However equal playing time is not guaranteed to players that do not have a good attendance record. This being said, players must be committed to attending the majority of their practices and all games. A team cannot work together if are not given ample opportunity to practice together. We must be fair to those who attend every practice and work hard to excel in one sport where they choose to give 100%. The occasional missed lacrosse practice to attend a game in another sport is understandable, and occasional conflicts are unavoidable at times. We hope such absences will be minimized, but in such an event, you must communicate with your coach. Player’s positions can be determined by a combination of attendance, skill, and overall positive attitude toward teammates, opponents, coaches, and the sport of lacrosse. Please consider these points carefully before committing to our program.**